Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mitsubishi Lancer

I always admired the lancer becaue it was the ultimate tuner car when it comes to performance. i've always wanted to customize the stock Lancer and it is very rare i see a stock one being driven around. Thefinal lancer is different to the original by the body kits. The car height is lower and there is carbon racing grils at the front. I changed the bumby back in to a smooth curve with the body kits stickign out abit. There you will see parts of the exhaust sticking out. I changed the rims as well but i dont think it turned out very well. This is MY LANCER. I think it looks cool on paper but it will look even better on the streets.


Thursday, March 1, 2007

Old School BMW

I found the image of this old BMW. i really like BMWs because of their robust engines with power and also the history behind it. The logo represents white propellers in the blue sky for it's engines were used as plane engines during world war II. When I'm done with this BMW, it's gonna' earn its wings and take to the skies again.
Peace out


hey guys im new to this. check out my stuff. i mostly take cars and modify its body and vinyls. I do other stuff too, keep watching to see new stuff, hope to hear from many....
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